jammin' on  broadway

Real J.O.B - Exposure album released August, 2014


Raffle Prizes:
        *One $100 Cash Grand Prize Plus Signed copy of the album
        *Two $25 cash prizes Plus Signed copy of the album
        *Three Signed copies of the album
        *One Lunch with Real J.O.B for winner Plus one guest @ Restaurant TBA


                                      vote as of 8/15/14: Downtown 50% I Wanna Rock 'n Roll 50% 

                                                               Real J.O.B - I Wanna Rock 'n Roll (audio)

                     Real J.O.B - Downtown (audio)

                                                                             Exposure Album - Released On- 8/11/14

                                                                                Real J.O.B - Exposure  iTunes

Real J.O.B