Socially conscious, singer-songwriter, musician and speaker

Real J.O.B Music
Real J.O.B Music


Playing the guitar and singing about love, loss, and current happenings, Anil Gnanamuthu, known by his stage name, Real J.O.B, uses his voice to connect with people.

The former college Admissions Counselor and Tour Coordinator is a self-taught singer-songwriter, who picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 36.   


​​Real J.O.B 's  first album, Let Go, was released in 2010.  The title track, "Let Go",  was included on the compilation, "Songs that Made an Impact 2010".


Following the Let Go album, Real J.O.B produced the albums Sex, Love, Pain, Hope (2012) and Exposure (2014).

Real J.O.B has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA - Entrepreneurship emphasis - from Pepperdine University.


Real J.O.B's current performances include songs from his unrecorded fourth album, Hope for Society.



Real J.O.B Music

"completely original, compelling, authentic"

-Max Waters

"what the entirely self-made singer/producer may lack in technical proficiency he makes up for with unbridled passion, a singular vision, and songwriting of rare originality"

-Richie DeMaria - Santa Barbara Independent