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FOR RELEASE ON 5/31/2016

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Rock 'n Roll is "the only one" for Real J.O.B

Santa Barbara, CA, May 31st - Exactly one year since his encounter with Spiderman and friends in Hollywood for the "Downtown" music video, Real J.O.B reveals a new look, a convincing determination and a highly spirited performance in the music video for the song "I Wanna Rock 'n Roll" from his latest album titled Exposure.

The pseudo-documentary style music video captures the essence of the artist's life over the past year as he persists to write and record music and as he aspires to develop the confidence to become an engaging performer.  Similar to the song, which is highly contrasting, the video shows the artist's sense of self-doubt, and then his growing confidence as he embraces his power to better himself.

The song, which is the centerpiece of the Exposure album, was originally titled "I'll be Alone."  The turning point in the video is when the artist is shown re-writing the chorus lyrics from the original low-pitched "I'll be Alone" to the piercing and dramatically high vocal "I Wanna Rock 'n Roll!"

The music video, filmed and edited by Cliff Severn, takes the viewer into the artist's life as he brings the song to life, and in the process develops his own sense of confidence.  In addition to his breakthrough performance, the singer and songwriter is shown sprinting along the beach, doing pushups and pull-ups, creating his image, and practicing his dance moves in his bedroom.

The "I Wanna Rock  'n Roll" music video will be released on Wednesday, June 1st @ 8pm and can be viewed on the Real J.O.B website:

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